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Relaxing trips

Are you ready to enjoy a fishing trip with a traditional Greek boat in the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea, and visit the beautiful Canal D’amour, Cape Drastis, Mermaid island?
Look no further! Our boat trips offer an extraordinary marine experience that will leave you in awe.
Sit back and relax as we take care of all your transportation needs.
For those embarking from North Corfu, we have a special treat in store for you. Enjoy complimentary transfer services to and from our boat trips,
making your adventure even more convenient and cost-effective.

Fishing techniques

At Captain Tziros, we’re not just about providing captivating boat trips; we’re also dedicated to enriching your experience.
Join us onboard as we invite you to unleash your inner angler and explore the art of fishing.”
We will teach you how to fish, how to bait, how to reel your catch in the boat.
We will take care of everything, including the necessary fishing equipment, bait, and snorkeling masks in case you want to take a dip and watch the fish swim by.

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Cooking on the boat

Imagine this: you’re out on a boat, the thrill of the catch fills the air, and the anticipation builds as you reel in the fish. The excitement is contagious! And after a successful fishing trip, it’s time for the crew to cook the fish to your liking. Spiros is renowned for his unique approach to preparing fish. With his knowledge and love for the sea, he creates dishes that truly stand out. But it doesn’t stop there! Pairing it with some refreshing cold drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks), a tasty salad, and some local fresh delicacies, all produced, sourced, or grown locally by ourselves or selected local producers, takes the experience to a whole new level.

What is the biggest benefit your customer will get from this? Keep your target audience in mind.


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